Whites and Specialty Wines


Valley White********††~// - A white hybrid grape with characteristics of Chardonnay and Seyval produce this smooth and refreshing white wine.
Spumonte Muscato **** - A light and white sparkling wine, fruity and smooth, produced from muscato grapes.
Dolce Vita ********†// - A white wine, lightly fermented to create this sweet, delicate table wine.
Orange Vidal *******†~// - A light, semi-dry crisp white table wine with a hint of citrus, apricot, and honey. Pairs well with seafood, soft cheeses and desserts.


Black Bear Port ********††=~// // - Smooth and full-bodied, this red dessert wine will delight with its soft, fruity taste. Pair with rich cheeses, nuts and chocolate.
Just Peachy ********†=// - A delightful white grape wine infused with the essence of peaches.
Raspberry Delight ********†=// - A white grape wine infused with the essence of red raspberries.

* Big E Gold Wine Competition
† Grand Harvest Awards
// Finger Lakes International Wine Competition
~ California Eastern Wine Competition
= Amenti Delvino International Wine Competition