Red Wines

Black Tie Cabernet Franc ******†// - an elegant and sophisticated red table wine, robust with a dry, silky finish.
Chianti *****†// - A blend of six varieties of grapes fermented and aged to produce this semi-dry, table wine.
Olé Sangria *** - A fruity, red unfiltered table wine with hints of orange, peach, raspberry and cherry. Serve chilled.
Ruby Lite *** - A blend of red and white hybrid grapes gives this wine its rich ruby color. The perfect complement to meat, fish or pasta dishes.
Deep Purple **** - A mellow red table wine produced from Chambourcin, a French hybrid grape.
Midnight ******†~ - Deep, dark and mysterious, a tangy, red table wine made from Frontenac hybrid grapes.

* Big E Gold Wine Competition
† Grand Harvest Awards
// Finger Lakes International Wine Competition
~ California Eastern Wine Competition
= Amenti Delvino International Wine Competition